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Duncan Finnigan on Maker Expo-3

DW here. Yesterday, I caught up with my super-talented friend, filmmaker, and actor Duncan Finnigan. As a creator himself, I knew he would want to know about Maker Expo. I told him what we’re telling everyone: the #1 thing we need is all you creative players to apply for an exhibiting maker spot. Right now. The deadline is July 1, Canada Day. After our 2-hour planning meeting marathon last night, we’re cooking up some interesting advantages for you early applicants, which I can talk more about next week. Only 25 days left to apply as a maker. The only thing that makes us happier than getting applications on Saturday is getting them Friday night.

The first time I caught Duncan in my lens was back in 2013 when I saw him with his filmmaking pal Lyndon Horsfall pitching 12 Angry Filmmakers to the KW Awesome Foundation. They didn’t win that cash, but they did make an impression by showing up with more camera gear than even me. What really blew my hair back was a short film Duncan did called Buckfast. You must watch it.

Now the filmmaker is about to step back in front of the camera, in a very local TV pilot called Kitchener Sync from director Lyndon Horsfall. Lots of familiar faces taking part in that, so support the cause. Makers? Yep, we got lots of those.

Click through for a few more pics…

Duncan Finnigan on Maker Expo-2

Caught Duncan at The Hub.

Duncan Finnigan on Maker Expo-4


Duncan Finnigan on Maker Expo-1

I spent enough time (drinking) with my friend Barrie Dempster that I completely understand Scottish brogue. So I know exactly what Duncan is saying 93% of the time.

Duncan Finnigan on Maker Expo-5

Friends Jen Gough, Heather Riemersma, plus all our favourite players from The Short Films are in this show.

Duncan Finnigan on Maker Expo-6

Duncan told me the kick in it is that they all love working together…

Duncan Finnigan on Maker Expo-7

and I can relate to that from working with the team on Maker Expo.

Duncan Finnigan on Maker Expo-9

Back to work. Oh, and don’t forget to apply now as an exhibiting maker for Maker Expo.


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