My best carnival barker invite to Maker Expo

In only 5 days, Maker Expo is coming to Kitchener City Hall. DW here (again), and I want to highlight what a fantastic venue this building is. For a variety of reasons, I seem to be in and around this place on a weekly basis. It really is a hub of the community. And it is winning both esthetically and functionally as a place for us to gather. It also happens to be chock full of people committed to their community. Massive Maker Expo thanks to the City of Kitchener for the tremendous support. You believed in us and the Expo right out of the gate. If you haven’t been inside, well I’ve got a few pics to entice you off your sofa and down to the Expo, Saturday, September 19, 2015 10am to 6pm. Here’s a map for you to find your way.

Question for the community: does anyone know anyone at Manulife that we could speak with about possibly using their parking lot at Charles and Francis St on Saturday? I know the gates are up on the weekend, but I can’t in good conscience direct anyone to park there without an ok. This would massively help us and our attendees. You’re only two blocks from City Hall. Hit me at

Ok, on to some hastily-snapped City Hall photos…

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-251

Let’s see… back in 2013 I gave an artist’s talk right here on my Looking Up and In show, which was projected atop City Hall.

More pics…

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-171

And we hit things like Miroki’s Altekrea show in the rotunda.

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-174

I’ve seen CAFKA art installations land here.

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-200

Of course the excellent BikeFest happens out front.

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-210

Hey, you’ll definitely want to hit the second level at Maker Expo. Stairs or elevator? We’ve got you covered.

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-212

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-219

I’ve seen a lot of great art in this Rotunda Gallery.

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-238

Sometimes I just find visual inspiration in this building.

Kitchener City Hall - Maker Expo planning-240

And sometimes a lot of makers assemble here.

Join us on Saturday at Kitchener City Hall for Maker Expo. We are all makers. This is Waterloo Region.


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