Speaker Series Presents: Anya Forestell

Women and non-binary people are underrepresented in STEM fields. It’s time for this to change. As a passionate feminist astrophysicist, Anya Forestell will be sharing her own experiences and reflections as a woman in a STEM field in the hopes that these can inspire others to help move the world forward. After taking the audience through her own journey to this point, Anya will share suggestions on how each audience member can do their own part in advancing gender equality.

Whether you are a young girl, woman, or non-binary person, a parent, aunt, uncle, guardian or teacher of a young girl, woman, or non-binary person, or simply a young boy or man seeking to be an ally to women and non-binary people everywhere, you can be a part of this movement which will benefit not only women, but people of all genders.

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