Speaker Series Presents: The Nath Kids – Every Child is a Creator!

Artash and Arushi love space, robotics and music. In their maker journey, they have combined their interests to make over 20 projects which have been displayed in various maker festivals, conferences, schools and libraries. Whether it is the Mars rover, the CanadaArm or the Galactic Bot, all their projects actually start with paper and pencil. Making a rough sketch and doing calculations helps them understand the time and efforts it would take to make it a project. They like to combine different subjects when making things and have made science and space projects related to arts, music, environment, health, and robotics.

In this talk, Artash and Arushi will be sharing and giving a demo of some of their favourite projects, how they get their ideas, how they make them, and what they do when they face difficulties during the making process. You won’t want to miss it!

Saturday, June 2, 1:30pm

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