What is Maker Expo?


Maker Expo is a diverse family-friendly showcase of makers, artists & organizations who create amazing things in celebration of the do-it-yourself spirit.

Our exhibitors are individuals, groups, teams and organizations sharing their ideas and creations through interactive exhibits, demos and workshops.

Our three tenets are inclusivity, diversity and interactivity. We want to have something for everyone to check out – young and old, from a wide range of disciplines and walks of life.

What is a Maker?

The Maker movement is a loose-knit community of individuals, teams and organizations who are all creating things – whether it’s something physical (like Robots, crafts or art installations) or virtual (Internet-based, software or services). The community is largely based on the free sharing of knowledge and skills, enabling others to turn their ideas into a reality.

The ‘Maker’ term was originally popularised by Make Magazine (and by extension Maker Faire), however it’s taken on a life of its own as a global movement, catering to an infinite variety of interests and fields.

Our 2020 Organizers