Presenting the Sienci Mill One
Sienci Labs

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The Sienci Mill One is a high performance, 3 axis desktop milling machine that turns your ideas into real objects in an easy to use, affordable package that focuses on simple design and user experience. This machine lets people create a 3D part on the computer and produce it in real life on their desk faster and easier than before. We're planning to let people try making cool things with our CNC machine. Our software and hardware is safe and easy to use, and people can take home things that they made. In an ocean of 3D printers (additive manufacturing) at Maker faires/festivals/expos, CNC milling at the desktop scale is still a fairly undeveloped sector. We bring something unique and special to the maker community. Also, check out their Kickstarter Campaign that runs from now until Saturday September 17th! 13988020_1753271768263025_2965490247136099180_o