Canadian RoVa3D Printer Demo
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Your TV is full color, your cell phone is full color, your office paper printer is full color, shouldn't your 3D printer be full color too? We think so! That is why we have added this new dimension to our newest 3D printer - The RoVa4D Full Color Blender. The printer feeds in CMYKW filaments, into a mixing chamber and then blends them together to create any color, shade, hint, or hue you want.  You can switch between any number of colors through out the print - so the possibilities are endless!  Visit our booth at the Maker Expo, and enter to win a custom 3d print!  At the event you will be able pick a model, and paint it on the computer with our new software.  We will then select 2 winners to have their creations 3D printed! ORD Solutions - the leader in Object Replication and Design. We are an innovation-driven company with our sights set on pushing the envelope of 3D printing capabilities. Our goal is to deliver on such technological advancements that we continuously redefine how 3D printing is considered in the Additive Manufacturing space. We design, manufacture, and sell 3D printers, accessories, and consumables to a worldwide market. Our 3D printers are manufactured in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Logo - ORD Solutions May 2016