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Karl Kessler - Doors Open Waterloo Region 010

Hey, DW here on the ME Blog. I sat down last week with my good friend Karl Kessler (above), co-chief wrangler with his wife Jane Snyder of the ever-awesome Doors Open Waterloo Region. We MEEPs (Maker Expo Extraordinary Planners) are delighted to be running Maker Expo on the very same day as Doors Open, Saturday September 19. All the best things in WR happen in collaboration with others. No (great) event is an island entire of itself, to paraphrase a little Donne for you. At our bi-weekly breakfast club,  I mentioned to the guys that I was working on Maker Expo and the date and Karl right away said we should do something , cross-promote, something… With five Downtown Kitchener sites this year for DOWR and our Expo taking over Kitchener City Hall, that makes perfect symbiotic sense.

Karl Kessler - Doors Open Waterloo Region 012

So we had coffee on Tuesday to figure out some potential ways we can help each other. Now as I always say, people can’t engage with what they don’t know about, and one of our top mutual challenges is visibility. You should *definitely* know about Doors Open. I became a fan back in 2010 when it connected me and my entire extended family with an awesome visit to UW’s Institute for Quantum Computing. Since 2003, Doors Open Waterloo Region has been connecting our community with opportunities to connect with each other. That sounds a whole lot like the foundations of Maker Expo. So if you’re on the tour of the old county courthouse over on Weber or the McMaster School of Medicine on Victoria or one of the other venues, please swing by City Hall and see what all the makers have cooking. Do all the things!

From Uptown Waterloo, this is how we build Maker Expo.


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