IoT Waterloo–a very makerly crowd

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DW here again on the ME blog. On Tuesday last week, I dropped by The Boathouse for the regular IoT Waterloo meetup because (a) I just like that crowd, something about them… and (b) I wanted to talk up Maker Expo. I reckoned there was a substantial amount of makerly ambition in the room and they might be interested exhibiting at the Expo or know people who would be. Click through for a medium-unreasonable number of pics from the evening. But before you do, consider applying to be an exhibiting maker at Maker Expo. Deadline for applications is Canada Day. Whether you make IoT sensor nodes, deck chairs, or quilts, you’re our kind of maker. Here’s the application. And now, the photos…

IoTWaterloo_May2015 009

Mr. George Tsintzouras on the rail. With a physics background, a whack of years at Christie Digital and now his own startup, GT is most certainly a maker.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 010

There’s Martin Zimmerman over by the bar. It’s not even clear how I first met Martin: the BlackBerry years, or the kwartzlab effort, but however it happened we seem to run in the same orbits. I gave Martin the hard sell for Maker Expo because he’s always got something cooking on the workbench and he’s got that great mashup of software/hardware expertise.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 016

Organizers Grady and Ian, plotting.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 036

Out of the UW Velocity Foundry, startup Voltera was there showing off their circuit board printer that lays down conductive ink for traces.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 039

There’s Amy wrestling a giant pitcher of beer to the table. Don’t worry, it ended well.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 045

Voltera’s Matt showing off the output…

IoTWaterloo_May2015 047

in the steamiest corner of The Boathouse.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 050

Nevine (right) does not recognize me with a giant camera pressed up to my face. Serious.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 054IoTWaterloo_May2015 070

Grady shoots back.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 064

Hey, check out artist Shaun Mcfee’s work on the walls. Looks great. He’s sharing a workspace with Amy Roger down at Globe Studios if you’re looking for him.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 078

Organizer Emile (right) chatting with Boathouse chief Bill.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 082

I call this one “Julia’s Beer

IoTWaterloo_May2015 088

IoTW chief instigator, Ian Pilon

IoTWaterloo_May2015 092

and his posse now have built a community of over 700 members locally in a little more than a year.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 094

Software dude turned hardware explorer, Tim McConnell up first.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 101IoTWaterloo_May2015 108

Tim talks…

IoTWaterloo_May2015 110

while Ian takes his repose…

IoTWaterloo_May2015 113

and organizer Candice watches closely from stage left.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 120IoTWaterloo_May2015 119

Tim hooked some electronic bits together with some code to create a baby-crying monitor that sends text notifications. More convenient than lugging the baby monitor around.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 123

Then breakout for networking before…

IoTWaterloo_May2015 137

Nevine Ebeid takes the stage.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 139IoTWaterloo_May2015 141

I think I first met Nevine way back when I was working in the Java Handheld Apps dev group at BlackBerry.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 151

She had joined the crypto-dev team on a workterm from her Masters at UW. She’s now up on Phillip Street in Waterloo with Trustpoint and a lot of other familiar faces.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 153

The slide of this rig capturing data for side-channel analysis brought back fond memories of my security days.

IoTWaterloo_May2015 156

And in the spirit of do-all-the-things, IoTW is hosting their first ever conference: Ambient Intelligence. That’s coming in a little less than three months, so check it out. But first, you’ve gotta get your maker exhibitor application in to Maker Expo before Canada Day. Sure, Maker Expo is way out on September 19, but we need you to apply now!  We are all makers.

From The Boathouse with IoT Waterloo, this is how we build Maker Expo.


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