Bringing Maker Expo to your 570 News radio waves

Ian Newton in DTK 060

DW here. Cam Turner and I are hitting the airwaves tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1:45pm on 570 News to talk about Maker Expo in Eric Drozd’s tech segment. You can listen live on the interwebs or tune in the old-fashioned way on your AM dial at, yep you guessed it: 570 kHz. Got a few more pics for you today, but first here’s the one single message I want you to take away:

Engage in your community and the success of this event by applying as an exhibiting maker. There are only 15 days left to our due date for makers to participate. Canada Day is the day we start sifting through applications. If you print, quilt, render, solder, compile, melt, then you are our kind of maker.

Now what will Cam and I talk about the radio…

Ian Newton in DTK 071

Well, we are keen to help makers realize they are makers. And for those already self-identifying as makers, we’ll be looking to you to commit to the event. Ten minutes on the web form and you’re done. Let us figure out the fit, just throw your application in and consider that the start of a conversation.

Ian Newton in DTK 066

Eric probably has a few ideas of what will be interesting for the show. I think Cam has been on before to talk about Maker Club for Kids which he and Tanya Morose run each month at THEMUSEUM. So I’ll be looking at Cam as the radio veteran.

Ian Newton in DTK 069

Hi Joyce! And a shout out to Sam Clark for scheduling us on the show.

Ian Newton in DTK 063

Listen in to the show on 570 News tomorrow, and follow up with us right here on our contact form. Or just stop me on King Street in DTK and ask away.

At 305 King (tomorrow), this is how we build Maker Expo.


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