Maker Expo pop-up at Communitech


This sharp crew from the TD Lab at Communitech made and shot air-powered rockets as part of our Maker Expo pop-up/sign-up event on Thursday. We are on the lookout for makers and signing them up on the spot. I’ve got a few more pics for you from our Thursday roadshow, but first here’s where we will be over the next three days:
* Cambridge Arts Festival – 50 Dickson St – Saturday kicking off at 10am
* Summer Lights Festival – 179 King St W, Kitchener (the old Entertaining Elements space) – Saturday at 8pm to late
* Hamilton Mini Maker Faire – in the Hammer – Sunday
* Communitech Tech Jam – Bingemans in the ballroom – Monday 5pm to 7:30pm

Apply now to be a Maker Expo maker or drop by and chat with us this weekend. Only 10 days left to apply.

Now on to the other pics from our lunchtime maker jam…


Well, all this stuff that we bring out with our roadshow doesn’t magically come together. Here we are, very very late on Wednesday night in our kwartzlab lair prepping for the Thursday show. TinkerTruck’s Cam Turner is screen printing t-shirts, while…


Mr. Ben Brown (aka Ben the Boss), of kwartzlab fame, uses The Force to achieve impossible speeds in creating these DIY stickers and buttons that we give away.


Fun-fact about Mega-maker Agnes Niewiadomski: she is the Silhouette Whisperer. She knows exactly what to say to this rig to get clean cuts in the peel-off vinyl that Cam is using for creating the t-shirt screens. I am also taking the opportunity of our countless hours on Maker Expo to learn how to pronounce Agnes’ surname. Here’s what I’ve got so far: [NEE-y-eh * vee-YAH * dom * SKI] I don’t know how to tell you the ‘o’ sound in “dom”, but I’m happy to demonstrate it IRL if you stop by our roadshow. Also, you need to say it much faster than I currently do to be legit.


Ben is a blur on the button press. I took over after 11pm and Ben gently observed “Well… you’ll get faster as you get the hang of it.” Score: Ben (5.5bpm), DW (2.1bpm)


Test print. Everyone: please learn the basics of using a sewing machine. It will change your life.

Well, I tapped out of kwartzlab at midnight and the rest of this hardy posse stayed until 1am cranking out our promo swag and readying the demo gear. Matt Bells and Darcy Casselman were also in the house as well as Neil Eaton, all Getting’ Stuff Done. No pics, too busy trying to better my buttons-per-minute score.


On game day I got up early to ensure my DroneBox was in good working order to amaze and dazzle visitors with its old-garage-fridge buzzing, humming, and whining sounds.


I borrowed one of Ravi Baboolal’s smaller killer robots to show off because, hey, brushless DC motor and spinning wheel of death. Only later did I think to ask how you know this thing is really “Off”.


Resisting urge to don cupcake mascot head by Agnes.


Cam feels strong and flexes for the camera. He repaired the air-rocket launcher Thursday morning so y’all could shoot rockets in the courtyard.


Alex Satok was the first brave Communitech’er…


to wear the cupcake. What we forgot to tell her is that it’s easier to get on than off.


Agnes chatting ME stuff with Simon Overduin of NeuRecall.


That looks a lot like kwartzlab’s Cedric Puddy there on the right.


Cedric with coffee.


Serious chute-packing.


Meta of kwartzlab’s Darcy Casselman with Aga. Something to impress the crew at Netsuite Waterloo with, eh Darcy?


Joseph Puopolo, founder of Printchomp takes a break from building his house to check us out.



Bernie “The Legend” Rohde brought by his latest sound-responsive board that he calls “X-axis”.


We introduced X-axis to DroneBox and they got on quite well.


Communitech’s Kurt Schwarz  not only knows about Maker Expo…


he has already applied to be an exhibiting maker! Kurt!


Agnes signed up Communitech’s Jane Kains who is a reknowned knitting machine. Jane: “I only knit squares!” You, my friend, are our kind of maker.

Sign up by Canada Day! Only 10 days left.

At the corner of Victoria and Charles Streets in Kitchener, this is how we build Maker Expo.


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