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Ian Newton in DTK 046

A couple weeks back, I sat down with my friend/artist/music maker Ian Newton. Before I get into that, I’ll bring you the Maker Expo message of the day: exhibiting makers have only 3 days left to apply. Canada Day, July 1 deadline, y’all. Amplify your fun by getting in as a maker of anything. Ian knows this and now you do, too.

Alright, back to Ian. If you don’t know him as the shepherd of Zero To One gallery on King Street over top of the sushi place, you may know him from his tech house jams under spooloops at Café Pyrus. He also did a series of gigs under the moniker Kabelsalat in various venues. And if that hasn’t rung a bell, then I’m going to reference Ian’s legendary underground Blue Dot events that mashed up art, music, performance, social spheres and anything else you’ve got. I completely dig the intersections that he creates. Definitely a constituent of the make-o-sphere.

Ian Newton in DTK 028

The pathway to this coffee meetup started with just showing up.

Ian Newton in DTK 015

I was shooting and contributing to the City of Kitchener’s Ideas of the Brave meetup at THEMUSEUM a few weeks ago and ran into Ian there. I gave him an assertion and asked for his thoughts: Waterloo Region has an amazing contemporary music scene. Ian said it very much does have a scene that is in some cases better recognized beyond our borders. His experience with Blue Dot is putting word out that it was on and having 600 people buy tickets immediately, some of them from as far as NYC and Toronto.

Ian Newton in DTK 032

Ian asked where our meeting points were in the community for switched on people. Like the salons of the 17th and 18th century, I asked? Yes, exactly. Well, I think it’s all possible. We just pick a gathering place and a regular cadence and see who shows up.

Ian Newton in DTK 006

Check out some of Ian’s work on SoundCloud, but more importantly, switch on and tune in for his live gigs.

Alright, now I want you and your friends to plug in and get involved in Maker Expo. You got 3 days to sign up as a maker. And we are all makers.


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