Discovery Square – Last Chance!

Lots of kids making rockets at Discovery Square.

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Have you been out to help THEMUSEUM, MakerClub, Tinker Truck and Maker Expo launch rockets yet this month?

No? Well there is only one day left: Tuesday July 28th from 5-8pm at Kitchener City Hall.

Perhaps this video will convince you: 

Things are kicking off at the tinker truck and makerclub booth here at #discoverysquare !!! A video posted by Maker Expo (@makerexpo) on

or this one?

Make sure to come on down to discovery square happening right now at Kitchener city hall!

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Awesome. We knew you’d love it! Cancel all your other plans and come to the Grand Finale of Discovery square. There will be Music, Rockets and Dinosaurs.

What more could you possibly want? Oh… Maybe we’ll throw in the word FREE too…

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