James Bastow–the maker’s maker and kwartzlab prez

Video: Liam Girard

The ever-lovin’ ever-awesome maker’s maker, Mr. James Bastow, hardware designer, fabricator, underground kingpin of the make-o-sphere, and the president of kwartzlab. He shared a few thoughts with Liam on Maker Expo.

Hey, it’s an awesome Friday, awesome weather, and an awesome time to volunteer to help Maker Expo a reality. We’re featuring 110+ makers and aiming for attendance of 10,000 so it’s going to take a lot of help to make it run smoothly. Volunteer opportunities include setup/teardown on game day including helping makers unload and find their spots. We need lots of help for our visitors who will have questions like “Where is the blacksmith station?” and “When does the next sumobot heat start?” We also need pre-event help promoting the show, and especially with a big push in the 4 weeks preceding Sept 19. To that end we can use help on social media and creating event and maker-related content to share online. Our goal is to get everyone fired up and inspired to do their own making. Sign up here to volunteer!

Happy weekend-making, makers.


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