Liam Girard making Maker Expo vids

MEEP Liam 033

Seventeen-year-old Cameron Heights student Liam Girard dropped in on a kwartzlab Tuesday Open Night back in June and asked “How can I get involved with Maker Expo?” We love that spirit and responded that we love video but haven’t had the bandwidth to do any. With exams behind him now, Liam has turned out the first in a series of videos. First one is on Vine, and we’re going to push these to Instagram as well, recognizing that everyone has their favourite channel.

The Maker Expo message-of-the-day (MOTD): sign up to volunteer!  Just like Liam, we need your help to bring Maker Expo to the people. There are lots of opportunities to help through the summer. We’re working super-hard to make sure everyone knows about the Expo and we’re keen to showcase makers who signed up for the show, so we can sure put your photo/vid/social media skills to work. And for the big day on September 19 at Kitchener City Hall, we need lots of hands and sharp minds like yours. Now… to the vid!

Video: Liam Girard / Maker: Jim Fare, maker extraordinaire and teacher of makers

When I asked Liam why he wanted to help with Maker Expo, he said he loves kwartzlab and “I also think that this is such a cool event and I really wanted to help make it come to life.” This video features kwartzlabber, science teacher, and all-around awesome guy, Jim Fare. It was Jim who suggested that Liam check out our effort on Maker Expo.

MEEP Liam 041

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

MEEP Liam 020

I’m told there are more videos in the pipe (*ahem*), so stay tuned. Thanks Liam!

This is how we build Maker Expo.


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