Paper Pirates of Cardboard Cove

stacked paper sheets

Join us on board our cardboard ship with glue to stick and scissors to snip. Fill the boat with all this pirate and even have a turn to pilot! Seas to sail and flags to fly, bottle crafts for you to try. All things needed to fill the cove -- it's a Pirate crafting treasure trove!

Ahoy Mateys! Yes, you heard it right here… the Paper Pirates of Cardboard Cove are coming to Maker Expo this September 19th, and just in time for International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Attendees of all ages will get the chance for some hands-on paper crafting over in our Cardboard Cove. This is a giant paper based installation that will be the biggest interactive paper art installation Kitchener has seen yet!

If you were one of the lucky 400 people who attended Steel Rail sessions this year, you would have experienced the overgrown paper forest train car installation created by myself and my paper-partner-in-crime, Jen van Overbeeke!

DSC_4744   DSC_4729

We will be slicing things up again, but this time we will transform old cardboard boxes into a giant pirate ship that will not only be an awesome spectacle, but will also become a crafty playground that invites people in to make and add onto the artwork. Add some personalized pirate pizzazz!

We are teaming up with Sandra Wilson of the Wilson Education Center who will be organizing and executing the hands-on family friendly craft activities in the cove. Sandra can be seen above in the pirate hat! We are super stoked about this partnership which is certain to make this an even more spectacular experience at Maker Expo.

Are you excited? Want to help? Well, we need your recyclables! Specifically:

  • single corrugated boxes (all sizes)
  • cereal and cracker boxes
  • pizza boxes (clean lids only please)

Save them up and when you’ve got a blue box or two send us an email and we’ll arrange a time/place to pick it up or meet up.

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