Bot Brawl – Its Official

Ravi B your resident roboteer & Maker Expo Organizer here with an update!

With Maker Expo only 4 weeks away one of our Exhibitors Bot Brawl has hit a mile stone we wanted to share.

Before that I wanted to put 2 things out there. First, we need your help to spread the word. Tell you friends, family, coworkers, pizza delivery guy and robot overlord about Maker Expo. Tell them we have something they’ll love, tell them its free, tell them its on Sept 19th from 10am-6pm at Kitchener City Hall!

Second, advise them to help us out and signup to volunteer!
Grab a 2hr block and help us blow this thing out of the water!

*Offering protection from the enviable robot uprising to all Maker Expo volunteers*
*See Bot Brawl for details*

-From Bot Brawl-

Event #1 registration closed at midnight last night. We officially have 19 robots registered for Event #1 at Maker Expo on September 19th 2015! What does this mean? It means we will have 19 robots at Maker Expo trying to kill each other. Yes thats right, they will FIGHT for your amusement. 

What robots? THESE ROBOTS!


150lb The Pusher – Robot Mafia

19 robots is an incredible number and truly speaks to the excellent maker community present here in Waterloo Region. Across the world gaining new recruits is very difficult for any fighting robot competition. Often numbers only grow by 1-2 builders a year!

We are over joyed to welcome 9 brand new builders into the fold! These are people who have never constructed a fighting robot before. We also have a great collection of teams, from students and programmers to engineers and educators. This is why we love fighting robots, anyone can do it and the assortment of backgrounds and skills make for some truly cool designs.

-Tri Cities Brawl-

Not only are we putting on Canada’s BIGGEST and ONLY fighting robot competition but also holding the first ever Tri-Cities-Brawl. We challenged the Mayors of Waterloo Region to a friendly robot brawl on Sept 19th, they accepted without reservation.

We are proud to welcome Mayor Berry Vrbanovic of Kitchener, Mayor Dave Jaworsky of Waterloo and Acting Mayor Pam Wolf of Cambridge <best wishes from Mayor Doug Craig>.

The Mayors will be joining us on Sept 19th at 2:30pm for a friendly bot brawl. Each mayor will learn to pilot a 150lb robot and take part in a monstrous 3-way battle! The winner takes home the trophy proving their dominance of the battlefield and mastery of mechanized mayhem.

Mayors of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge we thank you for helping us kick-off Bot Brawl and Maker Expo!

We dedicate this roll to you, dear mayors.

We hope this becomes an annual affair with a travelling trophy making its way across this amazing collection of cities.

Here is the line-up for Event #1:

Team Name

Robot Name

Robot Weight Class

Massacre Robotics


Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)

All Black Robotics


Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)


Mule II

Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)

Robot mafia

The Pusher

Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)

Orbital Spin


Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)

Scholars Bots


Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)


The Grand River Express

Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)


Siege Engine

Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)

Projects Addicts Anonymous

4 Low

Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)

Maple Bacon

E. Honda

Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)



Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)


Sir TophamBot

Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Untitled 1

Thing 1

Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Death by Design

Dado Demon

Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Idea Factory Lab

Revered Rustbucket

Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)


Clawed Crawler

Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Team Edwards


Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Robot Mafia


Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Massacre Robotics

Lug Tread

Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Join us on Sept 19th 2015 at 10am-6pm at Kitchener City Hall. We’ll be out front battling robots…follow the sounds of metallic mayhem, the thrum of high power motors and cheers of so many awe-struck bystanders.

Here are a few progress pictures from our various teams as they cut, weld and glue their bots together.


150lb Roach – All Back Robotics


150lb DeltaWye – Orbital Spin


150lb Roach – All Black Robotics 3D Design

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