Spread the Word!

Sharing Maker Expo buttons and stickers

Just one month to go before the big day!

I hope you’re all able to attend.  We’re all very excited.  We’ve got a fabulous list of exhibitors lined up and so many things to see and do.  Keep an eye on this blog in the coming weeks as we announce even more amazing things.

As we get closer to September 19th, can I ask you for a favour?  Could you help us spread the word?

We’ve had fantastic support from the community, but I’m sure there are still plenty of people who haven’t heard of us.  This is our first year, after all.

Even if you’re not able to volunteer yourself, maybe you know someone who can.  The high schools are closed for the summer and it’s going to be tough to let students know they can get their hours from us.  There are lots of little jobs that need to be done that anyone can do, from helping us count attendees on the day to putting up posters around town.  Help us find more people to help!

If you’re on Facebook, like our Facebook page!  RSVP on the Facebook event!  Invite any friends you think might be interested.

If you’re on Twitter, tell everyone how much you’re looking forward to going to @MakerExpo!  If you see me tweet something you like, retweet it!

Drop by Kwartzlab next Tuesday night to pick up posters, flyers, stickers and buttons to spread around town.

Anywhere you can, tell people about Maker Expo!  Send them here!  And, most important, encourage them to come out September 19th.

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