Amy Ferrari crowd paint

[Jen:] I am very excited to report that we will have a very large mosaic to put together at Maker Expo, courtesy of local artist, Amy Ferrari. She has worked very hard to come up with a super cool image, and then she cut it up into over a 100 pieces. These paint-by-number style squares will be painted by all of you at the Maker Expo, and then reassembled to reveal the picture.  I’ve had a sneak preview of the completed picture, and it is both beautiful and funny (which is a unique combination). Best of all, it represents the maker spirit! I will be helping Amy out on the day of the Expo, and I hope to see many of you at our booth. This activity will be fun for both kids and adults. Come out early to make sure you get a piece to paint, and then come back later in the day to see the image once it is all put together.


Here’s a picture of Amy working away  – can you guess what the picture will be when we put it all together???


Here are a couple photos of the support board being assembled and glued. No clamps, but a few spare pieces of wood should do the trick.



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