BotBrawling Mayor of Waterloo: Dave Jaworsky

Hey Waterloo Region! DW here again. Only 9(!) days to go until Maker Expo on Saturday, September 19, 10am-6pm at Kitchener City Hall. Put it in your calendar right now. I’ll wait…

Ok, a popular component of Maker Expo is BotBrawl, brought to you by ME organizer Ravi Baboolal and co-creator Dalton O’Connor. Sumo robots pushing each other out of the ring! There’s a ton of tech, fabrication, and driving skills there for you to enjoy. And if that isn’t enough to tease you off the sofa, we’ve got the mayors of Waterloo, Cambridge, and Kitchener hitting the Expo mid-afternoon to borrow bots and battle for bragging rights.

Ravi and I caught up Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky (above) yesterday in his makeshift bot garage at Waterloo City Hall. Massive Maker Expo thanks to Mayor Jaworsky for jumping in to support the Expo. Where else but Waterloo Region could a couple of makers show up at City Hall with a dolly full of power tools and sit down with the Mayor? That’s why I say: We are all makers. This is Waterloo Region.

Of course I’ve got some pics for you…

Maker Expo with Dave Jaworsky 012

Mid-wrench-turn, Mayor Jaworsky…

Maker Expo with Dave Jaworsky 015

Just going to snug up this wheel.

Maker Expo with Dave Jaworsky 047

Tweak this pillow-block bearing.

Maker Expo with Dave Jaworsky 029

Runnin’ smooth now.

Maker Expo with Dave Jaworsky 056

BotBrawl/Maker Expo organizer Ravi Baboolal (left) and Mayor Jaworsky.

Maker Expo with Dave Jaworsky 062

Ready for the motor-driver circuits and batteries. There is so much power in these e-bike motors that you would be able to ride this thing.

Maker Expo with Dave Jaworsky 074

Want to give a shout out to Ravi. He and I worked together for months on sponsorship for the Expo. He’s worked on exhibitor contacts, floor plans, and rentals. He’s organizing BotBrawl. And he’s building his own bot while at the same time documenting and sharing that process through video, stills, and designs. All to inspire other makers. I mention this because everything we enjoy in our community happens because people got to work and did it. History is made by those who show up. So on September 19, go to the Expo.

This is how we build Maker Expo.


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