Darcy here.  Earlier this week, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought a home-built electronic clock to school and ended up being expelled and arrested.

The CBC has a great interview revolving around Ahmed’s story, talking about the freedom to tinker.

The motto of Maker Expo is “We Are All Makers.”  Our goal has been to make Maker Expo as inclusive and diverse as possible, covering a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and people.  We want to empower and inspire everyone to be a maker, to normalize making and to show people, in a lot of ways, they are already makers, even if they don’t realize it.

When a young person presents you with something they’ve made, your response should be at worst curiosity, if not amazement and pride.  Instead, Ahmed Mohamed was confronted with ignorance and fear.  Because he made a thing and his teacher, school administrators and civil authorities couldn’t understand that making things is fun, educational and, if it’s scary, it’s scary in a good way.  Scary in an “I’m changing the world for the better” sort of way.

I Stand With Ahmed

If you do to, we have some things you can do to show your support.

Make a Clock

Clock-making workshops are springing up all over the world in support of Ahmed, like this one next weekend in Toronto. With everything we’ve had to do this week, we aren’t able to add another workshop on such short notice.  But don’t let that stop you!

The first step in making an electronic clock is learning to solder. It’s a suggested donation of $1 to help us cover the cost of the kits Davenport put together. Then you’ll have a neat, light-up name badge to wear around the Expo.

Then you’ll want to visit the wonderful Allan Caine and talk to him about making clocks.  Clock kits can get pretty pricey, and some are more complicated than others.  Allan has done quite a few and can help you find one that’s right for you to get started.

Maker Expo with Allan Caine 021

Make a T-shirt

Or a bag or a pillow…

Melissa Cowan of CowanParkhill is exhibiting Personal*Tee at Maker Expo.  When people kept asking about what we were doing about #IStandWithAhmed, I thought some folks would like to make a t-shirt and asked Melissa if she was able to do a screen or stencil.  She came through fantastically.

Personal*Tee and #IStandWithAhmed

Bring your own t-shirts!  Or bags or pillows.  Anything you want to hack.  If you don’t have a shirt you want to mod, Budd’s across the street has blank t-shirts on clearance.

Make a Button

It’s easy!  We have all the tools you need. I made a #IStandWithAhmed design, or you can make your own!

#IStandWithAhmed button design

Make Anything!

Learn! Explore! Show the world that creation beats destruction. Curiosity beats ignorance. Wonder will always beat fear.

We are all makers.

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