Maker Expo volunteers make it happen


DW here. It’s no exaggeration to say that without our awesome volunteers, there’s no Expo. So when you see volunteers at Kitchener City Hall on Saturday during the Expo, please offer a high-five and shout “Thanks for volunteering!” You’ll know them by their t-shirts that say “volunteer” on the back. Ask them questions. Ask for directions. Ask them what they make. ‘Cause ya know who volunteers for stuff? Friendly people!


I caught up with this crew last night just finishing up their orientation session at City Hall with our co-organizers Neil, Matt, and Darcy. We offer a massive Maker Expo thank you to all our volunteers. We deeply appreciate that you pushed Pause on your other responsibilities to help us deliver the Expo to Waterloo Region.


Look, there they go. Back to their jobs. Back to homework. Vacuuming the house. Visiting their Mom. Practising piano. For all of them, there’s some place else they could be, but they chose to be with us. For you.


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