Maker movement documentary at The Princess


DW here. What’s a “maker”? That’s a question we get a lot. Simply answered: a maker is anyone who makes stuff. Do you knit ponchos? Weld robots? Design costumes? Build Little Libraries? Then you are a maker. In fact, the best use of energy when tackling semantics around the word itself is to include as many people as possible. All good things flow when people feel creatively confident with boundless capacity to build and they self-identify as makers.

Our pal, designer Jon Johnson of Bearface Design is delivering a whole series of movies on creative endeavour through The Original Princess. The first one is coming up in just one week. “Maker” plays Sept 14 at 7pm and since it runs a short 65 minutes, we’ll have lots of time to talk and get a drink Uptown. This is a great way to whet your appetite for Maker Expo on Sept 19, so come on out and talk with real people about what the heck this maker thing really is. Optional hugs available.


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