Sam will get you to Maker Expo

Maker Expo with Allan Caine 011-2

Sam and I were at a Geek Week organizers’ meetup last week and she said “Man, I’m helping you guys with Maker Expo next year.” Says I: “No need to wait, Sam. I need help bustin’ through the Region’s construction fatigue.”

DW here. You know: that pesky social inertia that can start to creep in when you’re sitting around the house. Instead of making something cool with us, you start making up reasons why you shouldn’t go to Maker Expo. You’ll say things like: “Well, construction has really messed up travel, so I’m not going.” You’ll say: “I don’t have a car! How to get there?” and “Where can I lock up my bike downtown?” My friend, we’ve got you covered.

So on Wednesday, Sam and I walked a big loop around City Hall, our wonderful Maker Expo venue. And we shot a video to help you navigate your way through and join us. You’ve gotta tune in to our Attend page to see the vid, and stay tuned to that and our @MakerExpo twitter feed for travel updates. We’ll do our best to keep those updated as we go.

Welcome to the experiment.


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