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Maker Expo 2015 340

What a blast we had with you on Saturday at Maker Expo!

DW (still) here. I need your help compiling a big list of where people can find photos, video, blog posts, etc from Maker Expo 2015. I’m going to publish that list here on the ME site for a few reasons:

1. So we can all relive some great experiences we had at the Expo, and maybe further inspire people in Waterloo Region to do their own making.

2. To generate interest for possible subsequent events. Seeing is believing.

3. To illustrate the value for potential event sponsors. This free event wasn’t really free: we are deeply grateful to our 2015 sponsors.

So… how to do this in a marginally non-chaotic way?

Step #1 – email a link to your photos, video, blog post, etc to Maybe you posted photos on Facebook or shared them on Flickr, or Instagram. Maybe you posted videos on Vine or YouTube. If you have media but don’t post it publicly and you want to share it, you can Dropbox it to the same email address, however we’re working within the 2.5GB cap there on Dropbox, so this is less ideal.

Step #2 – let us know if we may use your media. As a photographer/videographer/storyteller with makebright, I don’t use content without explicit permission from the person who created it. I’ve contributed a ton of my skills and content to Maker Expo and if you would like to donate your stuff too, please say so in your email. We will be using accumulated content to promote future events and pitch to sponsors. We will be crediting but not paying for content, so tell me exactly how you want your media credited. Not asking anyone to work for free, just providing a landing pad for all of you who have asked me how to broadly share what you shot.

Step #3 – please be patient. We had 7500 visitors, 100+ makers, and 100 volunteers. I’m potentially unleashing a tidal wave of media with this post. It is unlikely that I’ll be able to respond to all emails. I’ll do my best to make the list accurate and update it.

[UPDATE: the media accumulation page is now up at Maker Expo 2015 and linked from Past on the main menu bar]

Thanks for being awesome!


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