Wettlaufer’s Wheel coming to Maker Expo

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 121

This is the Wheel…

Maker Expo at Nerd Nite KW - July 2015 014

and this is the Wettlaufer. Mr. Brent Wettlaufer, intrepid photographer, Senior Interpreter-Education at THEMUSEUM and clearly a hardcore maker. He built this 7-foot ferris wheel over many dozens of hours out of K’NEX pieces rumoured to number somewhere around 8000!

DW here, again, all the time. We, the MEEPs, had been hoping for some coverage in The Record for a while and when the call came in last Thursday, they wanted something substantial to photograph, but of course most of the stuff arrives at Maker Expo on the day of the event. So Cam Turner proposed shooting Brent’s ferris wheel at THEMUSEUM. Only problem when we got there was: no Brent. He was off that day. We went ahead with the shoot, but I felt an unsettling disturbance in the make-o-sphere by not getting a photo of Brent with the wheel he made. Hopefully with this post, I am marginally righting the cosmic maker karma. I just happen to have several dozen photos of Brent because we always seem to be shooting at the same event and I’m a freak for meta-photography.

Before I go on: great job, Brent! And see you at City Hall on Saturday with the wheel. Here’s the story in The Record (thank you!) More pics…

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 023

I arrived to find the giant doors open. Thought maybe the wheel had been wheeled out.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 026

But no! There it was upstairs.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 029

Glorious in its intricacy and size.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 038

Teacher-in-residence Vanessa Moniz carefully evaluating the possible outcomes of us moving this thing to a more photogenic setting.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 066

It needed more breathing room for a good photo and ideally some of the very distinct features of THEMUSEUM in the background. So…

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 067

Into the elevator…

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 070

it went. Aside: Cam is very low-key.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 082

I call this shot: Vanessa very responsibly caring for the wheel. In the elevator.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 097

Giant dinosaur heads and a 7-foot ferris wheel photo shoot. This is my jam.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 101

Let me tell you, this is a rare shot with no people around the wheel because it was like a magnet for everyone who was walking by. Questions! Oh, the questions. All you curious folk will have to come to the Expo and hear from the maker himself.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 147

Who should The Record send over but photo-ninja Mat McCarthy. Meta!

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 148

This is how…

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 190

you get good photos…

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 199

in The Record. Go back and look at Mat’s photo with the article and how he got nice reflections off the floor by simply doing some yoga before pulling the trigger. Total pro. I watch and I learn.

Maker Expo at THEMUSEUM 203

Mat, what are you doing on Saturday? Stop by City Hall for some great photo ops. And bring a few thousand of your friends.

We are all makers. This is Waterloo Region.


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