Seeking Installations & Workshops for Maker Expo 2016

Hey makers! Agnes here to announce a very special element we are introducing to Maker Expo this year!

Now with a solid show behind us and some sponsorship funding coming in, we have decided to take a chunk of the budget to enable local makers who have awesome ideas but need a bit of cash to make them a reality. We’ve seen how successful this type of support has been from our friend Eric Rumble at NIGHT\SHIFT, so we’re taking a page from his book. The selection of projects that get funded will be curated by the Maker Expo team. NOTE: This is not the call for general exhibitors. That call will go out in May.

For me, the most memorable aspect of other maker events I have attended have always been the parts where I get to spend a bit of time actually making something, and even better if I could take it home! Last year I was able to put together some pretty big installations that all focused on engaging the public and allowing them to get hands on.

Remember the Fiber Arts Geo-Dome? While we had some issues actually getting this thing off the ground (gravity sucks) the dome transformed into a neat hang out where you could sit and knit, or rip up old t-shirts and make cozies to cover the dome. Shout out to Meg Leslie who helped animate the space with her collaborative rug braiding activity.

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My friend Jennifer van Overbeeke of In Paper Dreams helped me create the Paper Pirates of Cardboard Cove installation that was featured just outside the main doors.  We fabricated this primarily from bike boxes and fabric tubes scavenged from local curb sides! Creating new art by reusing existing materials was our main focus here, plus we all know playing with the box is way more fun than the toy that comes inside.

With the help of Sandra Wilson at the Wilson Education Rescource Centre, the zone was animated by her team (in costume to boot) and helped families craft up a storm!



Photo by Michael L. Davenport


Photo by Michael L. Davenport

My poor sister didn’t know what was coming when I asked her to run a wet felting activity. She and her friend Angela were bombarded with enthusiastic makers of all ages! This was a non-stop make & take that people could not get enough of. Over 250 people turned sheep’s wool into hand felted balls which were then turned into wearable art with some wire and beads.


Of course there is the classic, Learn to Solder activity, which is always popular at any big maker event! People love to make things light up! Soldering is a wonderful skill that even very young makers should be learning. This is a core skill that gets the brain gears turning, and allows you to hack things apart and mess around with electronics. This custom PCB badge was designed by two local kwartzlabbers, Michael Davenport and James Bastow.


Photo by Michael L. Davenport


Photo by Michael L. Davenport

Inspired? We want to hear your ideas! Help us make more awesome memories.

Need some help filling out your application? Read our Mock Proposal to give you a better idea of the information we are looking for.

For all of the fine print and a link to the application form, check out the Installations page. Deadline to apply is May 1st!

Questions? Drop me a line at

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