A Mock Proposal To Help Answer Your Questions!

Hello makers!

Agnes here, back with a message to shed some more light on what type of information we are looking to get from your installation and workshop proposals.

I’ve done up a Mock Proposal with some real example answers that may help to clarify any questions you have about the application process.

If there is still anything unclear to you, please please drop me a line anytime at installations@makerexpo.ca 

If you just want to throw your idea at me and get some advice on how to do it or where to source materials, I’m here to help! Just ask 🙂

Don’t worry about making your application perfect, if we like your idea we will work with you to iron out any creases you may have. Sound good? Get your applications in by our deadline: Sunday, May 1st – just over 3 short weeks away!


Photo by: Michael L. Davenport


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