Call for Makers – Halfway There!

A full 35% of applications so far are individuals just like you who want to share their passion with others.

Hello everyone. I’m Cam from the Maker Expo exhibitors team. We are at exactly the halfway mark for collecting applications for exhibits at Maker Expo 2016. We’ve had quite a few come in so far with a fantastic mix of things to see, learn and participate in. Telling this story is easier with colourful pictures so let’s use the magic of Google Forms to peek at the data so far.

First we have a fantastic diversity of different types of organizations wanting to join us. A full 35% are private individuals just like you who want to share their passion with others.

Org type - June 1

We are thrilled with this breakdown. We know from experience that it means there will be enough things to see and do for any individual to spend the entire 8 hour day with us and still feel like there was more they could have participated in.

Next we have the types of exhibits people plan to bring (remember this excludes people from our new in 2016 PAID Installations and Workshops program so it’s even more exciting).

Exhibit Type - June 1

At least 35% of the exhibits will have guests working with their hands and joining in the process of creation. Another 35% will be there to inspire guests to go home and make bigger, more intricate things. Wow. I’m excited already and we still have 3 months to go!

This brings us to the pitch: Join us! Come show your fellow community members a new skill they can learn, something you’ve made or something else you’re passionate about. We’re open to ideas and want you to join this already incredible group of people and organizations that have already applied in the last 30 days.


Applications CLOSE at Midnight on July 1st!

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