Exhibitor Interview – Kinetic Maker Lab

I love to get involved with the community and combine art with technology.

Hello Everyone, Cam here from the Exhibitors team at Maker Expo 2016. Today we bring you another interview from one of the exhibitors in our 2015 event to inspire you to apply and participate too. You have LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT to apply and you really don’t want to miss out!

Please allow me to introduce one of the region’s biggest and most respected community builders — Gareth Carr. Gareth is connected to many different community activities in the region — most notably as one of the co-chairs for the Cambridge Arts Festival (Saturday, June 18th Cambridge City Hall). He also helps with makerly aspects of the Idea Exchange, the perfectly-named evolution of Cambridge’s public library system. In his spare time he also runs Kinetic Maker Lab as a travelling, kid-friendly maker exhibit around the region.

Cam: Why did you decide to participate last year?
Gareth: As a volunteer event chairperson for the Cambridge Arts Festival I love to get involved with the community and combine art with technology. I have two children of my own and we love to hack, build and explore together. Sharing that experience with others is fun and inspiring. By participating at Maker Expo I was able to test out some ideas for activities such as a remotely operated robot arm, simple circuit and robot builds, making music with scrap metal and more.

Cam: What did you love about Maker Expo last year?
Gareth: I found it to be a great atmosphere for all ages with lots of opportunities to participate and learn. I loved how no matter the age, people were getting involved with all the different activities. If you’re at all curious about maker culture this is the best place to be!

Cam: Do you have any tips for this year’s exhibitors based on what you learned last year?
Gareth: Be prepared for a long day and don’t be shy about asking for help. It’s good to have people to assist you with your booth as things can get busy. I also find it’s a good idea to make sure you don’t crowd in your activities so that other people can see what’s going on.

Cam: Who do you think should attend Maker Expo and why?
Gareth: This event has something for every age and is the perfect free day of entertainment for any family. Fans of the maker culture, fellow DIY builders and tinkerers will feel at home at this event.

Cam: Do you have anything else you want to share with Maker Expo fans?
Gareth: I’d like to invite everyone to join the Cambridge Arts Festival on Saturday June 18th as we have our own maker lab planned! Also, Maker Expo will have a booth inside our maker lab, so it’s a great way to also find out more about both our events!

Thanks Gareth!
The Maker Expo team will be at CAF if anyone wants to visit in person to ask questions before applying. However, since you’re going to be too busy with all of the other awesome activities at CAF we are also happy to chat over email, twitter or on the phone. Just contact us! 

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