11 Days – Maker Expo will be LIVE Podcasted

Hello everyone, Cam here. The exhibitor team is thrilled to have a very new kind of activity at Maker Expo this year. Woot Suit Riot will be live podcasting all day from the 2nd floor. They’ll have a couch and everything, but let me introduce you to kwartzlaber and Concept Crucible podcast co-host Jim Tigwell to tell you more.

Cam: What do you have planned for Maker Expo?

Jim: We’ll be recording podcasts all day with everyone we can. We’ll invite people in to talk about their maker aspirations or achievements, maker culture, and to tell their stories on air. The rest of our team will be putting the podcasts online, so we’ll be featuring our guests throughout the event.

We want to help people share their stories. Every maker has stories of dreams, failures, lessons, and triumphs.

Cam: Why a podcast? What are you trying to achieve with this marathon?

Jim: We want to help people tell their stories. Three years ago, the idea of recording a podcast was a nervous conversation in a bar. One of those “If only I could,” talks. But in Woot Suit Riot, we make each other brave, and we make those talks into reality. January will mark the beginning of season 4 of our podcast, among all of the other content we create. We’ve talked about everything from ethics to politics to weird jobs we’ve had. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun, it brings us closer, and it feels great to have overcome our stage fright to make it.

We’ve told our story. We want to help people share theirs. We are all makers, and every maker has stories of dreams, failures, lessons, and triumphs. Sharing those gives us the chance to learn from each other, so we want to create a safe and welcome space where they can tell their tale.

Cam: Can anyone be interviewed? Do they need to be a VIP or on a schedule?

Jim: You absolutely don’t need to be a VIP. We do have some scheduled interviews during the day, and we’ll be posting those times on our website, but we hope to spend most of the day talking with guests at Maker Expo. We want to share everyone’s stories, so we’re hoping to give as many people as we can five minutes or so to talk about what they make, incredible builds they’ve seen, or what they would make given time, talent, and treasure.

Cam: Where can people listen to these shows after Maker Expo?

Jim: We’ll be posting them to our website (wootsuitriot.com) and our Twitter (@WootSuit) throughout the day, and they’ll be available there afterward. We’ll also be doing our own Maker Expo wrapup podcast for Monday, Sept 12.

Cam: Where can people find you at the show?

Jim: Our set will be at the top of the Rotunda stairs, near the back doors. We’ll be tucked in just to the right of the doors if you’re headed outside to Duke street. We’re big, so it’s hard to miss us. Come say Hi!

Cam: Thanks Jim. I’m sure you’ll have a great set of impromptu guests at the show. Can’t wait to listen.

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