12 Days – Maker Expo is NOT just for kids!

We get questions all the time about what our target audience is. Most often the question is something like “Is it just for kids?” The simple answer is that while there are LOTS of things for kids to do, Maker Expo is just as entertaining, inspiring and hands-on for adults. Let’s look at just a few:

Learn to Solder

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Every year one of the most popular stations at Maker Expo is the learn to solder station. Come make a battery powered LED project. It’s different every year so you need to collect them all! Sure, there will be kids there, and they end up in all the photographs, but soldering is a gateway skill for all makers. Come learn. You won’t regret it!

Fly a Spaceship

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TSN: Artemis will have a recruiting station where attendees sign up, try out some of the controls, and can experience a mission on a star ship bridge. The exhibit is setup with computers that provide controls to specific operations of a starship. There will be a captain, commander and lieutenant there to fly the ship to complete a mission with the attendees who sign up for the mission. Participants will be asked to take a station with an officer who will assist.

Learn about Wargaming Miniatures

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Pick up a paintbrush and paint a miniature figure you get to take home! Painting miniatures isn’t just a creative hobby! Many game systems use miniatures to promote social activity with friends and engage the imagination by using science fiction, fantasy or historical armies. We won’t laugh if the ones the kids make are more detailed than yours.

Watch Robots Fight!


These robot makers love to talk about their hobby and they are always looking for future people to compete against. Come, watch, ask questions and join in the next competition at the 2017 Cambridge Arts Festival.

Learn to DIY your Pinball Machine
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Pinball machines are complex, expensive, and the electronics behind them can be quite complicated. We’re developing a new open-source system to allow people to refurbish old machines, and build their own exciting pinball creations. Come learn about pinball, our system, and see if you can beat the high score!

Learn about 3D Printing and Modelling

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We have quite a few computer-aided fabrication exhibits this year. We have the crew from Sienci with a desktop CNC mill, InkSmith with their kid-friendly 3D printers, ORD Solutions with it’s new full colour printer and THEMUSEUM’s Underground Studio teaching 3D CAD software all day long.

Join a MakerSpace!


Maker Expo is founded (in part) by a group of members of KWartzlab. In fact over 30% of all the exhibits, installations and workshops this year will be offered by current or former kwartzlab members. We will also have the Guelph maker space DIYode in attendance to share their awesome community as well as MyShop for the more business-oriented makers in the crowd. No matter your location or passion, the community at a maker space will fuel your ambition all year long. Come say hi.

Try Virtual Reality!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.23.03 PM

Local tech startup Red Meat Games will be in attendance showing off their new VR game: First Impact – Rise of a Hero! Get your chance to try this fully immersive 3D game at Maker Expo.

And that’s just the start. If you’re bringing kids, be sure to bring some spare adults too so you can sneak away and try some of these EXcellent EXperiences in peace.

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