13 Days – SPEED Making, Walk Fast

Thirteen days from RIGHT NOW Maker Expo will be under way. Have you taken a moment to check out the Exhibitors and Installations to make a plan for what you want to see?

Well, you should. Let’s do some math:

There are 73 exhibitors and vendors, 7 generous sponsors and 17 installations or workshops. That’s 97 different things to see and do.

Expo is open for 8 hours — just 480 minutes — so plan to arrive on time and stay until the very end. No time for eating, no bathroom breaks and definitely no getting lost.

So, assuming you use every one of those precious 480 minutes — and you want to see everything — you have less than 5 minutes to spend at each spot, including travel time.

We’ll just call that, uh, SPEED Making.

You should probably wear some really good shoes.

See you on September 10th!

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