#MakeitKitchener Sponsors Maker Expo

Today we’d like to share with you a video we’ve produced in partnership with the City of Kitchener. The philosophy of Maker Expo — We are ALL Makers — is a major part of the City’s economic development strategy and we’re thrilled to have them as partners.

Make it Kitchener is the City of Kitchener’s strategic economic development plan. But it’s more than just a strategy; or a plan on a piece of paper. Make it Kitchener is the heart of our city’s culture. It’s a creative and strategic way of bringing together all of the elements needed for Kitchener to be a successful, dynamic and vibrant city. Make it Kitchener brings to life the philosophy that the spark of an idea can become an exponentially successful business. As a strategy, Make it Kitchener makes sure that the innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners and makers in our city have the support systems, tools, space and investments to become a success.

Come visit them on September 10th and pick up a copy of the strategy and some swag at their Maker Expo both.

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– Cam

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