Maker Expo radio check

ME2016 radio test 043

The TL;DR: Maker Expo 2016 is only 12 days away.
Sep10/10am6pm/Kitchener City Hall. DW here from the planning team with a short message: you are most definitely invited.

It is, I think, notable that to put on a one-day event there are about eleven thousand things to do which keep us busy around the calendar from January to September. The Expo would not happen without the efforts of our team of ten. We work on sponsorship, venue negotiation, maker engagement, volunteers, promotion, equipment rentals and a whole lot more.

One of the many things we learned last year was that renting “professional” radios for $600 doesn’t guarantee that you be able to reliably talk to each other in and around City Hall. So last week I researched a bunch of FRS/GMRS radios and ordered a couple Cobra CXT1035R’s for a pre-event test. Above, Maker Expo boss Ben Brown and volunteer Calder White helped me do a radio check on Saturday (thanks guys).

We tried all sorts of locations from the Heritage Room to the P2 parking garage and all street corners around City Hall. The radio seems to work well, so more are on order now.

ME2016 radio test 061

It would really help us if you ordered free tickets to Maker Expo here on Eventbrite. It gives us some data on who intends to attend and also provides a way we can connect with you on any late-breaking Maker Expo developments.

Are you reading me loud and clear? Ok, we’ll see you on September 10.


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