7 Days – Two Quick Ways to Help!

Happy long weekend everyone! While you’re all enjoying the weather we’re busy ensuring next weekend is absolutely, astoundingly amazing.

Exactly 50 weeks ago  we began the first annual Maker Expo on September 19, 2015. The day was full of inspiration, fun and hands-on activities. In exactly 10,080 minutes we will begin the second annual Maker Expo on September 10th, 2016. Trust us, this year the show is even bigger, better and more inspiring!

For now though, we just want YOU to DO two quick things:

  1. ORDER your FREE tickets for Maker Expo and help us gather the stats we need to put on another great show in 2017: Maker Expo Tickets!
  2. SHARE the Facebook Event with your friends and INVITE them all. You’ll be their hero. Trust us, they will thank you daily for the next 50 weeks.

That’s it. Two simple things that will help Maker Expo 2016 be a smashing success. Thanks, we’ll see you in 604,800 seconds – sharp.

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