Constructing a cardboard kingdom

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 072

Hey makers, DW here. I was surveying the open/closed streets of DTK yesterday to help you get to Maker Expo and found two of my favourite makers constructing a kingdom in one of my favourite mediums: cardboard.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 078

Here’s Jen van Overbeeke of In Paper Dreams and Agnes Niewiadomski of Mindful Makers mid-construction on this installation for the City of Kitchener in the Berlin Tower Artspace. This piece will be up for the month of September and happily coincides with Maker Expo 2016. In this space on Saturday, Sept 10 from 10am to 6pm you’ll be able to get hands-on with paper craft and also grab some selfies with all the cardboard accoutrements of castle life (bring your own camera).

Jen and Agnes, in addition to being maker ninjas and entrepreneurs, are part of the Maker Expo Extraordinary Planners.

Are you ready to make stuff? Join us on Saturday at Kitchener City Hall. Bring your curiosity.

More pics…

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 060

Jen killed it with these shields. [insert your fave Game of Thrones reference here]

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 066

Agnes was glue gunning a gate together.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 062

Whoa, torch and crown. Can’t wait to see the throne.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 068

The “SPACE FOR GATE!” note on this hunk of cardboard made me laugh. I do that.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 071

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 076

I love the sculptural relief effect of the cardboard. The laser-cut edges are darker which really pops out the design.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 082

So good.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 085

Nice promo card.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 094

Carrie Kozlowski from the City’s Arts & Culture crew popped downstairs to assist with some of the ladder work, securing the cardboard walls to the hanging track.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 088

The build continues and (I think) finishes today. So now you’ve got yet another reason to come to Maker Expo.

DTK pre-Maker Expo 2016 087

We are all makers. This is Waterloo Region.


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