The Makers Are Coming! Will You Join Them?

We’ve started to accept exhibitors to our show and are thrilled to announce these incredible people will be showcasing their makerly pursuits with us in just about 2 months from now!

You can join their ranks and help us make 2018 a year to remember! Our Call for Makers closes on April 20th! What are you waiting for? Apply today!

“Topping a water dragon is going to be tricky, so we’ve got 5 members of Canada’s Twisted Team here to assist as well as some special international guest artists that want to see the show too. This project will be bigger, better, animated, and exclusive to Maker Expo!” – Drew Ripley Entertainment

TORONTO, ON – JUNE 30 – – Jian Ping Xu(right), volunteer from RBC teaches Chloe(left), 7 years old and Juliet, 8 years old how to code at coding camp at KLC Tech. Vince Talotta/Toronto Star

“Combine the power of play with basic design and programming skills for this hands-on experience. Merge basic coding concepts to create interactive, digital art on the computer using Scratch.” – Canada Learning Code

Wearable cardboard creations made during Makerween 2017. Kitchener City Hall.

“We had an incredible response to our Cardboard Costuming Zone at Makerween in 2017, so we have plans for an even BIGGER and more interactive hands-on paper and cardboard creation zone for 2018, and we’ll even give you a little hint…it’s gonna be outta this world!” – Mindful Makers

Waterloo Region Mayoral BotBrawl face-off! Maker Expo 2016, Kitchener City Hall.

“For Maker Expo 2018 we’re upping the robotic carnage and inviting makers from across Canada and the USA to compete in a new class of combat robots. Builders will use saws, hammers and other weapons in a battle to the robo-death in our new fully enclosed bullet proof arena! Join us at MakerExpo 2018 where Makers prove their metal in our battle box.” – BotBrawl Robot Fighting League

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