Ravi Baboolal

At a young age, Ravi saw some robots fighting on TV and thought to himself ‘Man that’s cool’ and suddenly became a maker! That day served to push him into the world of robotics and thus maker life. At age 12 he began building robots, learning the skills of the trade. The robots started small and soft but soon grew to new levels seeking competitions in Toronto as well as the United States. At age 15 he started working at a paintball field, repairing equipment and building a name for himself as one of Toronto’s master tech’s. He finds great personal satisfaction to compete with something he’s built with his own two hands.

Ravi’s education and career path were molded 14 years ago, in front of that TV. Now at 26 years old he is still building and fighting robots that are even bigger and deadlier, competing annually throughout the USA proudly representing Team Canada. During the day he makes waves in the foundry industry as an Mechanical Engineer pushing the envelope of an ancient industry with new technology and radical ideas. Additionally he works closely with the maker community as one of Kwartzlab’s directors and dedicated member. As a heavily involved maker, he seeks new and exciting ways to expand, strengthen, and connect the maker community.

Ravi finds that if you can wash your hands clean at the end of a project it’s because you just weren’t being creative enough — at the very least some scrubbing should be required.