City Hall

Constructing a cardboard kingdom

Hey makers, DW here. I was surveying the open/closed streets of DTK yesterday to help you get to Maker Expo and found two of my favourite makers constructing a kingdom in one of my favourite mediums: cardboard. Here’s Jen van Overbeeke of In Paper Dreams and Agnes Niewiadomski of Mindful Makers mid-construction on this installation […]

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Maker Expo radio check

The TL;DR: Maker Expo 2016 is only 12 days away. Sep10/10am6pm/Kitchener City Hall. DW here from the planning team with a short message: you are most definitely invited. It is, I think, notable that to put on a one-day event there are about eleven thousand things to do which keep us busy around the calendar […]

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My best carnival barker invite to Maker Expo

In only 5 days, Maker Expo is coming to Kitchener City Hall. DW here (again), and I want to highlight what a fantastic venue this building is. For a variety of reasons, I seem to be in and around this place on a weekly basis. It really is a hub of the community. And it […]

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